High-quality Garden edgings and exquisite Landscape Detailing.

At Avery Landscapes, we specialise in creating stunning garden designs with the help of our versatile range of edgings and detailing options.

Edgings are a great way to contrast and accentuate colours and textures for paths, lawns, patios and spaces where two different materials meet. We have a great choice of planting options and hard landscaping materials, whether you want a natural border, a slight border or a chunky and rustic-looking effect for your garden design.

Specialist Edgings for Gardens & Commercial Projects

Edgings are essential to any landscape design, providing a finishing touch that adds both practicality and style. Whether you’re looking for a simple border to define your garden beds or a more intricate design to accentuate your pathways, we have the perfect solution. Here are some of the types of edgings we offer and their applications:

Concrete edgings

Concrete Edgings

Durable and long-lasting concrete edgings are perfect for creating clean, modern lines. They’re great for defining driveways, pathways, and patios and can be customised to match the colour and texture of your existing hardscape.

Stone Edgings around an olive tree and along a curvy gravel path in a lawned garden with patio terrace by the back door of a magnolia coloured home.

Stone Edgings

We offer a range of stone edgings that blend seamlessly into your garden for a more natural look. From rustic flagstone to smooth river rock, we can help you choose the perfect stone to complement your landscape.

kerbs and edgings offer attractive raised details in patios and pathways.

Kerbs and Edgings

Our range of kerbs and edgings provides practical and decorative solutions for your garden. Whether you’re looking for a simple border for your lawn or a more elaborate design for your patio, we can help you find the right solution.

bullnose steps and edgings

Bullnose Steps and Paving Edgings

These edgings create a seamless transition between your hardscape and garden. Whether you want to add a decorative touch to your pool area or define the edges of your driveway, we can help you find the perfect bullnose or paving edging.

curb edging

Curb Edgings

Curb edgings are a great way to structure and define your outdoor space. They’re perfect for defining pathways, driveways, and garden beds and can be customised to match the style of your home.

Block Paving Edgings and detailing

Our block paving edgings are perfect for creating a contemporary look for your outdoor space. They’re great for defining pathways and patios and can be customised to match the colour and texture of your existing hardscape. But you can have fun with them too, like on this job for a client’s Number 11.

Custom Patio Detailing for Precision Finishing

In this short video, we take you behind the scenes to demonstrate our meticulous process of cutting circular cutouts in porcelain paving slabs. This technique is essential for a seamless and professional finish around drainpipes, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Art of Landscape Detailing

At Avery Landscapes, we understand that the meticulous craftsmanship involved in detailing separates an ordinary outdoor space from an extraordinary one. From integrating functional features to adding subtle touches, detailing is where landscapes come to life.

Drain covers patterned to complement surrounding hardscapes, timber accents along winding garden paths and in outdoor joinery, and circular cutouts for smart drainage integration – these deliberate choices reflect the care and consideration inherent in our design process. By artfully rendering every aspect, we transform landscapes into living works of art.

The images below showcase some of our recent projects where our eye for detail has created truly bespoke gardens our clients can proudly call theirs.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you choose the perfect edging for your garden or commercial project.