Sandstone Patio Terrace Featured Image

The Journey to a Revamped Outdoor Space

At Avery Landscapes, we’re deeply committed to transforming outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes that cater to our client’s unique vision and practical requirements. In the exquisite plan we had crafted for the Terrace, we had incorporated a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality.

Our design was inspired by the timeless beauty of the Indian natural stone product, combined with the rustic charm of the Forest of Dean stone. Every element, from the main terrace to the intricate slabbed pathways, was meticulously planned to uplift the atmosphere of the space. With their complementary look, the gravel sections offered beauty and purpose, as they were paired with a weed suppressant membrane to ensure longevity. And, of course, the recessed manhole covers brought a seamless look to the entire scape.

For a glimpse into our products and to inspire further creativity, please refer to our bespoke E-brochure in collaboration with Pavestone.

Before the Transformation

The property previously boasted a gravel area that extended across the rear, with concrete edging along the lawn. While it served its purpose, the vision was to transform this space into something more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The Transformation Begins

  • Pathway Creation: A new slabbed path, 1.2 metres wide, was meticulously laid down. This path, leading from the lower drive, now winds its way up to the oak porch, making for a more welcoming entry.
  • The Main Terrace: The main terrace covers an impressive 45m2 as the centrepiece. Designed with care, it features a 150mm step up where it meets the slabbed path, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Utility Access: The path extends further, leading to a slabbed platform. This platform is strategically located to provide easy access to the utility door, steps to the drive, and even the BBQ area.

Materials and Quality

All our slabbing was done using a mixed-size Indian natural stone product, particularly in the elegant Raj Blend colour. This choice ensures durability while offering an exquisite finish. Moreover, the laying process involves:

  • A solid sub-base of 100mm compacted hardcore
  • A 40mm solid wet bed of cement mortar

For an insight into the quality of our products, explore our partnership with Pavestone or see our feature on Pavestone’s highlighted landscapers page.

Fine-Tuned Details

  • Natural Slope Utilisation: To ensure the majority of the paving and gravel levelled out with a subtle decline, we embraced the lawn’s natural slope. This design choice ensures efficient water runoff away from the house.
  • Forest of Dean Stone: This stone, renowned for its quality, was employed to create steps leading from the terrace to the lawn. It matches perfectly with the dwarf wall on the oak porch, providing a harmonious look.
  • Manhole Covers: For a cleaner appearance, old manhole covers were replaced with recessed ones, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the paving and gravel.

Additional Touches

  • Existing Features: Some elements, like the half-round step into the porch and the slabbing under the porch roof, remained untouched, preserving the property’s original charm.
  • Weed Prevention: All gravel areas now have a weed suppressant membrane, ensuring long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

Sandstone Patio Terrace: Final Thoughts

We felt the new Terrace design hit the mark for elegance, functionality and longevity when all was said and done. We took extra care to ensure the layout made the property look amazing and handled real issues like water runoff and easy access. Swapping out those manhole covers for the recessed kind and laying the new slabs on solid foundations promised everything would last. Using the same Indian natural stone and Forest of Dean stone throughout also gave a cohesive, classic look.

At Avery Landscapes, delivering quality work matters. As an approved Pavestone installer, we know our partnership means clients get nothing short of the best. If you want to see more of how we make dream landscapes a reality, head to our Projects page. And when you’re ready to transform your outdoor space, get in touch – we’d love to bring your vision to life.