Rural Rustic Garden Setting

The main objective on this project was to ensure that we created a garden that blended in to its natural surroundings of fields and countryside. Therefore a mixed sizes Indian natural stone product was used to form the wonderful spacious terrace. The terrace was partially nestled underneath a bespoke timber pergola which was made and erected on site. The idea was that it would provide optional shade or sunshine during different periods of the day; we also installed removal sails which could be attached and rotated to follow the sun throughout the day that offers a variation of areas of the patio to be shaded.

Adjacent to the house we constructed a reclaimed brick retaining wall which allowed us to level up the garden and provide a flat useable lawn area with a mixture of raised borders created with oak sleepers.

We also incorporated a floral circular paved area which offers an ideal to place a decorative feature and potted plants.

Finished job

During the works

Before we started