We recently completed a comprehensive landscaping project that transformed a rear garden into a stunning outdoor space. The project involved the removal of existing patio slabs and block pavers, making way for a new, larger terrace area. This terrace, measuring approximately 4.5m off the house wall and 5.5m across, was constructed outside the living room doors, providing a spacious relaxation and outdoor dining area.

Completed Project Gallery

Project Summary

Key Tasks Completed:

  • Removal of Existing Structures: All existing patio slabs and block pavers at the back and side of the property were lifted and removed from the site.
  • Terrace Construction: A larger terrace area was constructed outside the living room doors, measuring approximately 4.5 m off the house wall and 5.5 m across.
  • Retaining Wall: A low oak sleeper retaining wall was constructed, curving around the terrace and following the ground contours of the flowerbed behind.
  • Side Path and Fence: The side path leading to the gate was paved, and a new low concrete block wall and fence were constructed along the boundary.
  • Gazebo Relocation: The existing gazebo was temporarily moved, the ground underneath was prepared, and the gazebo was replaced.
  • Preparation of Flowerbeds: All existing flowerbeds becoming paved areas had their shrubs and plants removed by the client before the commencement of the works.



Materials Used:

  • Slabs: Pavestone Dolomite Rusty Mars was used for all new slabbing, laid on a sub-base of 100mm compacted hardcore and a 40mm solid wet bed of cement mortar. The joints between the slabs were filled using a solid setting jointing compound.
  • Fence Panels: New Europa Prague Fence Panels were chosen for their excellent build quality and attractive design. These panels, featuring smooth-planed, grooved profile boards, added a touch of elegance to the garden.
  • Oak Sleepers: The terrace was bordered by a low retaining wall constructed from high-quality oak sleepers, concreted vertically, creating a robust and visually appealing boundary.

Attention to Detail

The paving was installed so that it gradually falls away from the house into a french drain along the edge of the terrace to effectively manage surface water.

The paving was neatly integrated with the manhole cover to retain access but hide its utilitarian form.

The side path leading to the gate was paved with new slabs, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

More Than Just Landscaping

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Summing up

This Rear Garden Landscaping project was a comprehensive outdoor transformation, encompassing various tasks from removing existing structures to constructing a new terrace, wall, and path.

The new terrace areas provide a larger, more functional space for outdoor activities and enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal. This project’s successful completion has improved the property’s outdoor environment and potentially increased its overall value.

As we reflect on this project, we are reminded of the importance of detailed planning, careful selection of materials, and professional execution. Combined with a clear understanding of the client’s vision, these elements have resulted in a transformed space they can enjoy for many years.