Outdoor Kitchen Garden Transformation

Welcome to our latest showcase of craftsmanship at Avery Landscapes Ltd. We’re excited to share the journey of a garden’s transformation into a modern, functional outdoor space, complete with a standout outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Garden - Before Works Began
The completed outdoor garden kitchen transformation

The Front Garden Makeover

This project began with a complete overhaul of the existing landscape, carefully removing old elements and meticulously preparing the ground. We ensured a solid sub-base of compacted fresh hardcore, setting the stage for the transformation.

Groundwork preparation for the outdoor kitchen to be laid onto.

Preparation and Groundwork

The first step was to carefully remove and store all pots and furniture. The ground underneath was prepared to ensure a solid sub-base of compacted fresh hardcore. Plants and shrubs the client wished to keep were carefully relocated into pots.

The New Terrace

The new terrace was laid with Italian porcelain slabs (1000mm x 500mm x 20mm) supplied by Pavestone. 

The slabs were laid on a solid wet mortar bed to prevent movement (including a slurry primer for extra adhesion). The joints were filled with solid-setting exterior grout to prevent weeds from growing between the slabs. 

The terrace was designed with a gentle slope away from the house, directing surface water into subtle Aco brick slot drains installed along the edges of the dwarf surrounding wall. 

New terrace laid with porcelain slabs
Seating area and raised beds

Seating Area and Raised Planting

The built-in seating area and the raised planting area were constructed using concrete blockwork filled with concrete to avoid hollow points. The seating and planters’ sides, faces, and backs were clad with a contrasting colour of the terrace porcelain slab product. 

The seating area was enhanced with cushions added by the client. The raised planter behind the seating area was filled with certified loam topsoil. A new entrance gate was installed, matching the style of the new screening. (Sourced from Screen With Envy)

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen was constructed in the same style as the seating area, with blockwork clad with the large porcelain slab product in a contrasting colour. The worktop surface was created using a granite worktop (sourced from Go For Granite), which was cut to accommodate the BBQ and pizza oven.

Outdoor kitchen area

Additional Features

The existing railway sleeper around the terrace’s perimeter was replaced with a dwarf wall constructed out of concrete block, clad and capped using the porcelain slab product to match the seat and kitchen area. The shed was dismantled, and new porcelain slabbing was laid under its footprint. The client supplied new storage units that we placed on the porcelain paving.

Project Gallery

Materials Used

All porcelain slabbing and cladding were based on using the 1000mm x 500mm Italian porcelain product from Pavestone. The horizontal slabbing (terrace, top of dwarf wall, and seating) was laid using the HYPE GREEN colour Dolomite product, while the vertical slabbing/cladding (sides of seat, side of kitchen unit, side of dwarf wall) was laid using the DUST colour Dolomite product.

Final Note

Avery Landscapes Ltd. is an approved Pavestone installer. For more ideas on products and inspiration, please take a look at our personalised E-brochure in partnership with Pavestone. For more information about Avery Landscapes Ltd., visit our profile on the Pavestone website.