Large scale garden makeover

We worked very closely with the client in order to try and reinstate this Georgian property garden based on its existing layout. Whilst trying to keep the authenticity during the project by using predominantly existing stone and bricks on site, we also sourced genuine blue Victorian bricks, Victorian pavers and even brick gully channels along some of the pathways.

Whilst undergoing this substantial project we even uncovered an old disused well under the old courtyard patio area. This well was situated in what appeared to be the old footprint of a wash/laundry room and we also discovered undercover footings of a previous extension which had since been removed. Upon discovering the well had been filled in, the client decided they wanted to dig out the rubble and also to raise the well walls above ground to make a feature of it within the new main terrace. Not only did the well become a significant detail in this area of the garden but we also laid out water pipework around the garden from the well along with a submergible pump (fitted by others) which in turn fed two standpipes further up the garden which now provides a full natural water supply to water the garden. The well naturally replenishes each day to give roughly 3000L of water which is distributed around the garden.

Finished job

You will notice that the various terraces around this hillside garden are retained with the blue Victorian bricks or the local Malvern stone (pointed in the traditional ’snake pointing’ style). Interestingly the client chose a modern Italian porcelain product as the terrace finished surface. We think this was a great choice and think the old and new materials complement each other brilliantly!

We always recommend that all planting areas are prepared with certified topsoil or compost which we can source and put in place prior to planting. This garden was full of nutritious soil from an old vegetable patch which we in turn reused and distributed around the garden along with topsoil we brought in too.

All in all this finished project captures a great useable authentic garden mixed with a few small contemporary touches making it suitable and enjoyable for all garden lovers with its rich diversity of entertaining areas, working vegetable areas, fountain focal points and open spaces, which enables enjoyment of different viewpoints of the garden and beyond, day or night, with the outdoor lighting also installed.

During the works

Before we started