Large family Garden

There was barely a single inch of this garden that wasn’t landscaped. Our fabulous client offered to time-lapse this whole refurbishment and even edit it! This full-length video showing our every move each day and every process involved in this impressive overhaul also shows you what is (and should) be involved in carrying out any landscaping project thoroughly and carefully!

Video gallery

Preparation in any job is of paramount importance as this is the foundation on which the areas you see and enjoy rely.

The terracing has been created using a mid-grained, beige to biscuit-coloured Sandstone. Its subtle banding and granular appearance give Beachside unrivalled character while its soft base colour tones blend seamlessly with any surroundings.

The slabs have diamond-sawn edges and a lightly textured surface finish that accentuates the natural elegance of the stone. As shown on the design layout, the slabbing was to have sweeping curves which then flow into the curvatures of the oak sleeper walls and lawn. 

There was a vegetable area integrated into the layout so the young children in the family can enjoy playing and trialling growing their own veg. 

We worked alongside our approved electricians to create the desired lighting around the garden to light up both feature planting areas along with steps.

Finished job

During the works

Before we started