This project was, like many of our projects, completed in two main phases. The first phase was to clear out and regrade the entire rear garden and create a raised wrap around border to help disguise the prominent boundary fences.

Oak sleepers were cut to size and then concreted into the ground to create a sweeping curved border which can be appreciated from all angles of the garden. We brought in fresh certified topsoil  and compost in preparation for planting later on.

The terrace was laid using a fabulous bright and durable Italian porcelain tile product which offers low maintenance, anti- slip and anti -frost benefits.

Once the new garden framework of paving and walls were in place, we then brought in screened top soil and re-levelled the area to reach a flat lush turfed lawn which instant knits the garden together.

The original concrete 70’s front driveway was gutted to make way for a much more appropriate wider driveway to suit modern day requirements.

We reconstructed the front doorsteps and platform using the same porcelain product as the rear garden but with a change of colour to tie in with adjacent granite setts which complement each other. The silver granite setts were chosen by the client as they define the edges of the tarmac and also create a feature threshold at the pavement edge.

We arranged for our chosen tarmac specialist subcontractors to come in and carry out our tarmac requirements to the highest standard.




All-round garden makeover

A complete garden and driveway makeover incorporating oak sleepers, porcelain tiles and granite setts.