Countryside Barn Terrace | The finished job

With our recent project, the Countryside Barn Terrace, Driveway, and Retaining Wall, we’ll showcase our exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to creating stunning, functional outdoor spaces. 

Featured Partnership: 

We are honoured that Pavestone chose our Countryside Barn project to showcase their exceptional Tudor Antique paving range. 

This video, provided by Pavestone, illustrates the high-quality nature of their products utilised in our projects to create breathtaking and durable landscapes.

It’s this very project that you can see in the video.

Rustic charm, meticulously crafted

With our in-house team of landscaping specialists and top-quality landscaping supplies, we’ve transformed the rustic charm of a rural barn into an exquisite split-level terrace, a widened driveway, and an elegant retaining wall. 

From handcrafted natural stone paving to creatively laid cropped Welsh stone, every detail was meticulously designed and executed, resulting in a space that exudes timeless appeal and offers breathtaking views across the fields and countryside. 

Countryside Barn Terrace | The finished job
The private patio area

Project Overview

Presenting the Countryside Barn Terrace, Driveway, and Retaining Wall, a portfolio highlight that manifests Avery Landscapes’ proficiency in executing comprehensive landscaping transformations. 

This unique project perfectly amalgamated different elements of landscape garden design, including 

  • Constructing a rustic retaining wall. 
  • Rejuvenating a gravel driveway. 
  • Developing a sun-drenched split-level terrace. 
  • Creating a picturesque gravelled section. 

Image Gallery

Witness the transformation of this Countryside Barn’s outdoor space through our curated selection of images. The gallery is divided into three sections: ‘Before’, ‘During’, and ‘After’, providing a visual journey through the different stages of the project. 

From the initial groundwork to the final finishing touches, experience the comprehensive process contributing to Avery Landscapes’ exceptional project execution.

📸 The Before Photos

📸 The During Photos

📸 The After Photos

Detailed Works

Here are some of the highlights from the project to give you a fuller picture of the work that goes into creating large-scale works that we conduct here at Avery Landscapes. From garden wall construction to excavation and disposal, from the creation of exquisite patios to the installation of a gravel driveway, and from efficient drainage solutions to the expertise of our dedicated team, every aspect of this project was meticulously planned and executed to achieve remarkable results.

A closer look at the curvature in the bespoke retaining wall

Retaining Wall 

Our garden wall design prowess was on full display in this project. We constructed a 3ft high retaining wall on both sides of the driveway, perfectly harmonising with the driveway’s natural contours. 

Constructed from a robust cropped Welsh stone product, the wall required extraordinary precision and creativity, likened to assembling a complex jigsaw puzzle. 

Our expert team meticulously placed around 35 tonnes of stone, widening the terrace while retaining the raised lawn and extending the driveway with mirrored height walling on either side. 

The rustic appearance of the wall served as a charming reminder of the rural setting of the barn, underscoring the synergy of craftsmanship and natural beauty.

Excavation and Waste Disposal 

Central to the transformation was a thorough excavation and disposal process. Our team was tasked with fully excavating the existing block paving and driveway. This effort was both demanding and essential to the project’s success. 

Employing the utmost professionalism, Avery Landscapes’ specialists efficiently disposed of the waste, prioritising a neat and safe working environment. This commitment to cleanliness and order allowed for seamless progress, setting the stage for the resurfacing of the driveway and creating a more expansive, appealing outdoor space.

Countryside Barn Terrace - Process photo 12
New Patio areas viewed from the upper lawn showing bespoke steps leading to the gardens

New Patios

The crown jewel of this project was the creation of a breathtaking split-level terrace. Our skilled team carefully selected handcrafted natural stone to match the timeless appeal of the property, recreating the allure of worn flagstones from centuries past. 

The main patio, a substantial area extending from the house, was meticulously laid with Pavestone Tudor Antique – Cloister natural stone slabs. Its sun-soaked positioning enhanced its charm, offering the homeowners stunning views across the countryside.

Another remarkable feature was the creation of a smaller, intimate patio area tucked away for more private gatherings. These two patios were seamlessly connected via sweeping steps, creating a cohesive landscape design that balanced grandeur, intimacy, versatility, and elegance. 

The combination of skilled craftsmanship and high-quality stone resulted in a timeless, inviting outdoor space perfect for enjoying the rural barn’s picturesque surroundings.

Gravelled Section 

An integral part of the landscape redesign involved the creation of a captivating gravelled section. In front of the pedestrian gate, this area was transformed into an inviting pathway with a staggered slabbed path winding through. 

Using a meticulous approach, our team laid the 20mm Forest of Dean chipping on a compacted MOT Type 1 sub base, below which we installed a heavy-duty weed suppressant membrane, ensuring an attractive aesthetic and minimising future maintenance. 

The gravelled section, punctuated with random singular slabs, provided a harmonious balance to the hardscaped areas, beautifully tying together the overall landscaping design of this charming rural barn.

Gravelled Patio area featuring Forest of Dean gravel.
Driveway installation including gravel and bespoke gates

Driveway Installation 

The driveway revamping was a significant aspect of this project, integral to the overall transformation of the barn’s exterior space. The team at Avery Landscapes are adept at driveway installation, understanding the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. 

The existing driveway was replaced with a robust gravel drive, ensuring durability without compromising on the rural charm of the property. The process involved preparing a sub-base with new MOT Type 1 (hardcore), known for its compacting properties and excellent load-bearing capabilities. 

This was followed by the meticulous spreading of a layer of 20mm Forest of Dean chipping, chosen not just for its workability but also for its compatibility with the natural aesthetic of the property. 

The result was a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing gravel driveway that perfectly complemented the retaining walls and enhanced the overall appeal of the barn.

Drainage and Soakaway

A crucial component of any outdoor landscaping project lies beneath the surface in the form of efficient water management. 

For this countryside barn project, ensuring that the newly laid terraces, driveway, and patios had an effective drainage system to prevent water logging and surface runoff was imperative.

We strategically installed ‘Aco drains’ in critical areas designed to carry water away from the driveway and paving areas to achieve this. In addition, we implemented a soak-away system, essentially an underground structure that allows water to slowly seep into the ground. 

This system was designed using an innovative technique of stacking crates, surrounded by 20mm clean gravel and wrapped in a membrane, with the drainage pipe running into the middle. 

This configuration allows the channelled water to disperse evenly and efficiently, ensuring a long-lasting, well-maintained outdoor space.

Drainage and Soakaway installation

The Team

Avery Landscapes’ success is attributed to our skilled and dedicated team of professionals. Specialising in hard and soft landscaping, our experts deliver comprehensive solutions covering all landscape design and installation aspects.  Our team members, from designers to builders, excel in their respective fields, allowing us to offer a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive landscaping service.

The heart of our work lies in understanding and transforming our client’s vision into reality. Our team prides itself on its ability to collaborate effectively, ensuring each project progresses smoothly from initial design to final execution.  The satisfaction of our clients is our highest priority, and we are committed to delivering quality results that exceed expectations. 

The successful transformation of this countryside barn’s outdoor space is a testament to our team’s dedication, skill, and passion for landscaping excellence.


This showcase project underlines why Avery Landscapes stands as one of the leading landscaping companies in the region. The transformation of this countryside barn’s outdoor space is a testament to our team’s ability to design, plan, and execute large-scale, complex landscaping projects. 

We take immense pride in delivering bespoke landscaping solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

From the initial stages of garden wall design and excavation to the final touches on the natural stone patios and the gravel driveway, every step was handled with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. 

And the result? A stunning, functional outdoor space that harmoniously blends with the rural charm of the barn, enhancing its appeal and value.

At Avery Landscapes, we are driven by a passion for creating beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces. We eagerly look forward to future opportunities to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to excellence in landscape garden design.

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