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Our client wanted to turn their garden into a peaceful, beautiful, functional space. Our team worked with them to completely transform their garden. We focused on three main areas – the rear seating area, the central back patio, and the front pathway. We aimed to connect the garden to nature, using high-quality materials and an appealing design.

We used natural-looking dark Pavestone porcelain paving slabs and exquisite Forest Of Dean cropped walling stone to blend nature with quality craftsmanship. The new garden is now a relaxing sanctuary and a showcase for our landscape design skills. By partnering closely with the client, we created a garden that reflects their vision of beauty, peace, and functionality.

Rear Seating Area: A Peaceful Spot Surrounded by Nature

We envisioned a cosy seating area in the lush garden. Every detail was thoughtfully designed to create a sense of tranquillity.

First, we cleared the old shrubs while keeping nearby plants to maintain the natural feel. We then levelled a 16m2 area for the new patio. A gracefully curved stone wall with a natural-looking Forest of Dean Cropped Walling Stone was built along the front. This wall blends the patio with the sloping lawn beyond. Stepping onto the stone patio feels seamless as it is flush with the lawn. This smooth transition reflects our goal of integrating the space with nature.

In the evening, the seating area offers a new vantage point to enjoy the garden and distant hills while relaxing. The wall stone was carefully chosen to match existing walls, creating a unified flow.

The seating area we crafted is more than just a project. It is a peaceful sanctuary within the green garden for our clients to unwind. The simple elegance of the stonework blended with the beauty of nature creates a little slice of paradise to enjoy.

Main Rear Patio: A Stunning and Functional Outdoor Space

The expansive main rear patio was redesigned to blend elegance and functionality. Meticulous care brought this outdoor space to life.

First, we removed the existing gravel and levelled the area to create an even foundation for the new patio. Exquisite Pavestone Opus range slabs were installed, leaving a gap for the new sleeper edges. Narrow strip drains were added around the house walls to prevent dampness. The gravel between the slabs and sleepers addressed drainage needs while maintaining the aesthetic.

The sleepers bordering the patio were replaced for a cohesive look. The gravel path along the house transitioned to paving to match the new elegance. The water butt overflow was neatly plumbed into a nearby drain, showing our eco-friendly approach. The fresh patio, sleepers, and pathways now form a visual harmony that enhances the outdoor space.

Finally, the brick edging along the greenhouse gravel path was re-laid using the original bricks to blend old and new. The result is an outdoor oasis that is visually stunning, functionally flawless, and seamlessly integrated with the home’s architecture and natural beauty.

Outdoor Patio area

Front Pathway: Creating a Warm Welcome to the Home

The front pathway was revitalized to be an inviting prelude to the home. More than just a route, the welcoming introduction hints at the beauty within. Meticulous craftsmanship transformed this essential space:

To improve accessibility, we tactfully raised a section of the stone wall that retained part of the path. This allowed us to lift and level the path behind it. Relaying the original brick edging at the new height gave a classic touch.

The heart of the path was adorned with elegant Pavestone Opus range slabs, approximately 90cm wide, leading visitors directly from the gate up the steps to the patio. This central paving eases passage while adding aesthetic appeal.

The front pathway to the home.

Gravel chipping between the new slabs and brick edges provides visual contrast and handles water runoff, showing our holistic approach. The materials – raised wall, relaid bricks, and central slabs – now blend harmoniously, reflecting our quality and style.

Together, these elements create a welcoming framework that promises functionality and beauty. The gravel chipping also neatly manages surface water runoff, merging aesthetics with practicality.

Each slab laid and stone adjusted transformed this pathway into an inviting prelude to the client’s home. It is now a passage of welcome that enhances the space visually and functionally, setting the tone for the beauty within.

Final Thoughts

The transformation shows our commitment at Avery Landscapes to go beyond just altering landscapes. Our goal is to create outdoor environments that align with each client’s dreams. We aim to make every corner resonate with visual and functional harmony. Our upcoming journey together is about more than shaping stones and slabs. It’s about carving memories and crafting experiences.

Together, we are redefining not just a garden but a lifestyle. One where each morning brings hope, the evening brings tranquillity, and every garden view elicits a smile. Our meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and use of premium materials like Pavestone Opus and Forest of Dean Cropped Walling Stone are the tools we will use to paint this picture of peaceful beauty.

This is not merely a landscape project. It is a reimagining of an outdoor space to create a personal sanctuary that reflects our client’s vision. We were excited to bring this transformation to life.