The finished Driveway Transformation project Steps to the home

We were contracted to completely transform the driveway and landscaping for a residential property in Worcestershire.

The project involved extensive demolition and reconstruction to create a stunning new driveway with integrated seating areas, steps, planters, and privacy screening.

This stunning driveway and landscape makeover exemplifies our commitment to high-quality design and construction using premium materials.

The Finished Project Gallery

By day and night, this gallery shows the complete transformation in all its glory. The new terraced patio provides a relaxing setting to take in the surrounding views, and the retaining walls offer the perfect combination of space and style for the approach to the client’s home.

During The Works

Before Works Began

Project Details

To begin, the site was cleared of debris and existing structures impeding the new design. The grass verge was excavated to make way for a new concrete block retaining wall built to specification. This wall was stepped at intervals to suit the changing ground levels, reaching up to 2m high above the new driveway. A second wall was constructed along the fence boundary, integrating three stepped planters for pleached tree privacy screening. The concrete blocks were clad in a slate-effect porcelain product for an attractive finish.

With the retaining walls complete, the sub-base for the new parking area was laid. This consisted of 150mm of compacted hardcore overlaid with a weed membrane, topped with 50mm of compacted Cotswold gravel chippings. A new soakaway system using soakaway crates was integrated below the gravel to manage drainage. The gravelled parking area was edged with blue engineering bricks.

The existing concrete steps to the front door were removed and replaced with attractive new steps built with concrete block frames clad in porcelain, with slab tread tops. These integrated harmoniously with the overall garden design. A small new seating area was added next to the steps, paved with porcelain over a compacted hardcore sub-base.

Along the side of the house, additional brick and slab steps were constructed for access, and the fencing and gate were replaced. The other side of the house had deteriorated steps demolished and new steps put in.

Quality Materials

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This complete driveway and landscaping transformation has created an attractive, integrated outdoor space that compliments the property. Functionality for parking, accessibility, drainage, and privacy have all been enhanced thanks to careful design and high-quality construction by our team. The choice of complementary materials gives a cohesive finish that will stand the test of time.

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Final Words

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